Member Devised Dances

We have some very creative members at our branch, who have devised some of their own Scottish country dances. Click on the name of any of the dances below for more information about that dance, including instructions, music suggestions, and (in some cases) videos. Have questions about any of our member's dances? Contact us and we'll answer your questions.

The Balboa Park Rant

Devised by Ray McEdward in celebration of Balboa Park, where we do much of our dancing.

Jaunty Jeanne

Devised by Ward Fleri to celebrate Jeanne Moody, a fellow San Diego branch teacher.

Kelly's Journey

Devised by Ray McEdward to commemorate Kelly Milne's last day of dancing with the branch before her gap-year journey cross-country with her husband.

Midsummer Moon

Devised by Jeanne Moody on the night of a June full moon.

The Wandering Thistle

Devised by Enid Fowler in celebration of the joy, beauty, and friendship of Scottish country dancing.