What is Scottish Country Dance?

Scottish country dancing is Scotland's ballroom dance. It is a social dance for dancers of all ages and background. Dances are performed in sets, usually with six to eight dancers. Not be confused with individual dances like the Highland Fling or Sword Dances, country dancing is a couple's dance. It is much like the type of dancing seen in period drama films. Some calls Scottish Country Dancing the ancestor of American Square Dancing.

World Wide Connections

Scottish dancing is performed all around the world. The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society (RSCDS) has headquarters in Glasgow, Scottland, and 150 branches and affiliated groups all over the globe. With an avid membership of over 25,000, you'll find dance partners and local friends wherever your travels may take you.

Social Events 

We have not only classes, but also social dances and formal balls. There are weekend workshops and numerous ‘after parties’ as well. We also hold picnics and other non-dancing social events with the group. 

Great Music

Many of dance events include live music by world-class musicians. Do the bagpipes and fiddle tunes move your? Dancing is music made visible! Appreciate the music in a whole new way.

Great Exercise!

Dancing a fun way to get excellent physical exercise. It is also a great way to exercise your brain! Dancing has been proven to be an effective defense against dementia. Like a physical logic puzzles or word game, our dances are made up of several dozen standard figures that combine into thousands of dances. We dance fast-time Jigs and Reels, and slower-paced, elegant Strathspeys. Keep your mind sharp and your body fit!

Join us!

No kilt or partner is required!