The Wandering Thistle

4x32 strathspey

Just as the Scottish thistle grows and spreads its beauty across the countryside, so has the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society grown and spread the joy, beauty, and friendship of Scottish country dancing throughout many parts of the world.

Bars Description

Couple 1 crosses down to 2nd place while couple 4 crosses up to 3rd place (couple 2 moving up to 1st place and couple 3 moving down to 4th place).


Man 1 and man 4 and woman 1 and woman 4 change places on the sides, giving left hands.


All dance ¼ grand chain (2 bars per hand), woman 1, man 3; woman 4, man 2; man 1, woman 3; man 4, woman 2 giving right hands to begin (finishing with polite turns).


Couples 2 and 3 dance ½ left hands across while couples 1 and 4 set facing diagonally in toward center; couples 2 and 3 change places with corner persons giving right hands and finish facing diagonally in towards center.


Couples 1 and 4 dance ½ left hands across and turn partners ½ turn with left hand to own sides of dance, while couples 2 and 3 set facing diagonally in, turning to face partners on second half of setting and cross to own sides giving left hands, finishing facing out.


Double figures of eight, 2's casting down, 3's casting up, 1's crossing up, 4's crossing down to begin; couples 1 and 4 finishing facing each other in center, nearer hands joined with partners.


Couples 1 and 4 dance rondel. Finish in this order: 2, 4, 1, 3 ready to begin the dance again.


Enid Fowler

Suggested Music

"The Hiking Song" or "The Boatie Rows"

Dance Brief