Kelly’s Journey

32-bar reel for three couples in a four couple longwise set

Bars Description

1st couple set and cast one place. 2nd couple step up on bars 3-4. 1st couple dance half a figure of 8 around the 2nd couple.


1st couple, now on opposite sides, lead down for 3 steps, lead back up for 3 steps, then turn with the right hand 3⁄4 to finish back-to-back, 1st woman facing down and 1st man facing up, having pulled back right shoulder to finish the turn.


1st couple dance the first 6 bars of double triangles, 1st man with the 2nd couple and 1st woman with the 3rd couple to start.


1st man and 3rd man turn by the right hand while 1st woman and 2nd woman turn by the right hand to finish with 1st couple in 2nd place on their own sides, 3rd man and 2nd woman finish facing out.


All three couples dance a left shoulder reel of three on the sides, 1st man giving left shoulder to 2nd man, and 1st woman giving left shoulder to 3rd woman to start.


Repeat, having passed a couple.


Ray McEdward


For Kelly Milne, to celebrate the start of her gap-year adventures, driving around the United States in her RV with her husband, David. Bon Voyage.

Suggested Music

“Society Piper” Haste Ye Back by Muriel Johnstone’s Scottish Dance Band.


Dance Brief

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